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Back to the office

Subject to changes in regulations and health conditions, June is the month that Carter Financial, LLC will return to an in-office schedule. We will of course take advantage of efficiencies gained during the fallout from the COVID crisis, but our plan has always been to return to in-person meetings for clients who are comfortable doing so. Our office environment will have appropriate safety protocols in place. Remote meetings will continue to be available for appropriate situations. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Welcome to
Carter Financial, LLC

Carter Financial, LLC is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) located in La Jolla, CA.

Financial Independence

What will last longer – you or your money? We prepare a personalized multi- decade plan to prepare you for the realities of a retirement landscape that has shifted dramatically.

Investment Philosophy

During inevitable market upheavals, do you feel the confidence that comes from having an investment portfolio that is designed to address all economic scenarios? Because there is no cookie-cutter investment portfolio that is right for everyone, we craft disciplined, targeted strategies aimed at providing potential for growth ahead of inflation over the long term, while working to provide the income you need to live over the short term.

Risk Management

Do you have any financial blind spots? We take a 360 degree look at your financial situation to identify anything that may financially harm you, your family or your businesses.

Wealth management built for you.

Understanding Today's Financial Environment

At Carter Financial, we serve as our client’s personal CFO, advising on all matters where finances and life intersect. For more than 30 years, our business has focused on continually researching and understanding the dynamics of financing a multi-decade retirement. After taking you through an immersive discovery process, we help you define everything you are trying to accomplish in your financial life. We then map your current financial situation to your short and long-term objectives. We quarterback your financial life by coordinating with CPAs, estate attorneys and other professionals to ensure you have an integrated financial plan.
The mission of Carter Financial is to be the most trusted financial advisor in the San Diego area.