Investment Philosophy

Because investment performance plays a pivotal role in attaining and preserving financial independence, we employ only time-tested principles to build resilient investment portfolios using a disciplined structure rooted in financial science with identifiable, evidence-based factors that we believe, over time, will lead to better performance.

The key principles we employ to manage client portfolios include:

  • We only invest client funds within the context of a long-term financial plan. We must know what your money is being invested FOR.
  • We invest with meaningful diversification utilizing broad asset allocation categories and pooled investment vehicles as core portfolio holdings.
  • Achieving inflation-beating returns relies heavily on a significant allocation to equity ownership of the greatest companies in the world. For nearly 100 years equities have outpaced inflation by a healthy margin
  • We exercise discipline by rebalancing portfolios to keep them in alignment with a client’s long-term goals.
  • We only utilize investment holdings that have an underlying intrinsic value. This eliminates speculative holdings that do not have an identifiable source of income or revenues to base valuation upon.
  • We minimize fees and taxes. The savings from using institutionally priced investment vehicles and making “tax-aware” investment decisions go right to the bottom line.